Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Adversity Quotient is important!

Sociologist have long known that the difficulties one has to overcome is somehow related to the likelihood of success. Some have posited that it is even a good predictor of the measure of success. They call this phenomena, "adversity quotient." The higher the quotient (the greater the adversity), the greater the likelihood of success.

Thus, when someone manages to overcome a great adversity, the odds of great success increase.

It looks like our good doctor's adversity quotient may well have just gone up, substantially. The tide of public opinion would seem to be turning in his favor in regard to the horrendous accusations made against him by The New Republic's Jamie Kirchick.

Even the talking heads in the mainstream media are starting to concede that Dr. Paul is not a racist:
"I gotta tell you Congressman, you and I have talked a lot over these last several months and when I saw these newsletters I didn't know anything about them until I saw that article in The New Republic. I was pretty shocked because it certainly didn't sound like the Ron Paul that I've come to know and our views have come to know all this time." -- Wolfe Blitzer, CNN, The Situation Room

At this point, it even seems possible that Paul's support amongst minorities might increase as a result of this kerfuffle.

Thank you, Mr. Kirchick.

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