Friday, July 28, 2006

Dissension Observed, finally

David Broder writes this week about his surprising discovery that "Old-Right" republicans have nothing but disregard (to put it tactfully) for the Bush administration and its backers. I dare say he is not alone in having not gotten on to this fact much earlier. Most of the country hasn't bothered to notice that the people currently running the Republic Party are more theocrats then republican (real republicanism being a very mild form of libertarianism, in the same way that democracy is a very mild form of socialism.) The terms republican and democrat, as used by the current parties, have about as much value as the penny, and for the same reason; there is nothing of value backing them up. Which probably explains why they've made ballot access so difficult that anyone trying to offer real political value can't get on the ballot. They couldn't stand the competition.

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