Monday, July 31, 2006


It may seem to some readers that I'm biased against Israel and prejudiced in favor of the Palestinians. They'd only be partially correct. Let me explain. When a criminal commits an atrocity it is one thing, when a government committs an atrocity, it is an entirely different thing. Why? Because the criminal presumes no moral authority and the government does. When a government behaves as a ciminal, it forfeits its moral authority and becames the equivalent of the criminal. And that is why I despise Isreal in the fashion that I do, because they have forfeited their moral authority in responding in an atrocious manner. How you do something is at least as important as what you do. Isreal, by forgoing the rules of laws, by (repeatedly) executing extra-judicial death warrants (assassinations), by intentionally (and repeatedly) killing unarmed, international peacekeepers, by (repeatedly) targeting civilian populations, has ceased to be a government and become instead merely a murderous mob. Israel is no longer a government, it is a mafia, a terrorist organization, and all U.S. support should be immediately withdrawn forthwith.

So how should Isreal have responded? In the same fashion that the U.S. should have reponded to 9/11. They should have placed a very significant price on the heads of the responsible parties and when, if, that didn't work, they should have very publicly given the citizens of Lebanon a 30-day warning to hand over the kidnappers and to disarm Hezbolah, or that they would invade and do it themselves. Again, I have no problem with Israel defending itself, it's how it defends itself that I object to.

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