Friday, July 28, 2006

Smile! You're on E-mail.

A Canadian friend points out an international movement to e-mail private photos of the carnage in Lebanon to Americans, and citizens of other Israeli friendly nations, where such photos aren’t making it onto the nightly news. Many Americans will protest, but we see pictures of bombed out buildings every night, which naively assumes that the most tragic victims of Israel’s out-of-proportion response are empty apartment buildings and luxury condo towers. Anyone with half a brain would know that people are being killed -- and would therefore wonder where those pictures are. Well, those pictures are apparently being published elsewhere. More protestations will now ensue about the implication that America doesn’t have a free press; they’ll claim that those photos aren’t censored, but rather edited because children might see them (and because they might actually provide the emotional impetus for otherwise apathetic Americans to start questioning their support for Israel.) [Oh, by the way, the friend in Canada is no anti-Semite, but rather the son of Jewish Armenian refugees.]

Hezbollah has become quite popular with the Lebanese due to its activist care of orphans and the poor. Israel has a solution for such popularity; it has targeted and destroyed in recent weeks a student financial aid office, schools, charity offices, and an orphanage. It’s best to kill them while they’re still too small to carry around those rocket launchers.

In the meanwhile, the U.S. is the only country still putting conditions on a ceasefire.

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