Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Aping Mitt

Mitt Romney may assert for the fundamentalist crowd that he is now a born-again pro-lifer, but he is likely counting on more liberal Republicans to remain convinced that his change in position is merely political pandering. There could be more than one candidate who is hoping to convince voters that what he really believes is different than what he is publicly stating on the campaign trail.

To that end, the Huckabee campaign may have themselves strategically leaked the information about Huckabee's 1992 questionnaire answer suggesting internment for AIDS victims. Huckabee is safely in the future, where he can protest that society now knows it can afford to be compassionate, but he has still sent the message to the homophobic base of the fundamentalist movement that he is the kind of man who wouldn't hesitate to put fags in a pen. This would explain Huckabee's surging poll numbers in Iowa and the southern states.

A Huckabee nomination is likely to ensure that the Democrats take the White House, however, if it doesn't, gays better be ready to move to Canada.

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