Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why vote for Smedly?*

Many have conjectured that George Bush is motivated by a desire to complete what his father left undone (in the Middle East). Perhaps those observers have been hypermetropic. Bush's actions may instead be focused on completing the work of his grandfather (here in America).

Check out this article from the Wikipedia on the White House putsch of 1933. The article suggests there is some question regarding the existence of the plot amongst modern journalists (the same people who excluded select candidates from their debates), however Congress itself acknowledged the existence of the plot and established a congressional committee, called the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, to investigate it. The existence of a plot by wealthy bankers and industrialists to overthrow a democratically elected government is alarming, but pause for a moment and ask yourself: How was George Bush elected twice without this skeleton in his family's closet becoming an issue? How did the press miss it? A more pertinent question might be: Did the press miss it? The answers to those present-day questions may be much more alarming than the existence of the 70-year old plot.

Many have noted that, with the exception of Ron Paul, all of the Republican candidates seem to be political clones of George Bush. One can't help but wonder if the GOP has become the "Prescott Bush Party" or the "Corporate-State Party" (read, Fascist Party) in all but name. The Paul campaign, with it's demand for a return to the democratic ideals of the the American Revolution and strict enforcement of constitutional protections, thus represents what may be a last possible effort to prevent a complete takeover of the Republican Party -- before the Republican Party undertakes a takeover of their own. (As a side note supporting this concern, please consider reading through the many executive orders (available for reading on the White House website) that George Bush has signed to support the implementation of marshall law in America.) These issues, considered as a whole, suggest that a vote for Ron Paul is important. A vote for Paul sends a message to the fascists that America will not bend over and quietly tolerate the insertion of fascism into the American political landscape.

If you vote in an open primary, please consider requesting the Republican ballot and voting for Ron Paul. Ron Paul will not win today, but your vote will not be wasted. Every vote for Paul represents a bow shot over the heads of the corporate and political elite who believe that Americans no longer care about the Constitution or the freedoms it protects. Every vote for Paul warns the fascist that there remain Americans who will oppose them, who will fight back. A peaceful vote now though, is infinitely preferable to a violate confrontation in the future. With your help, we can drive the fascist and corporate-statist out of Washington, peacefully. However, we can only do it with a little sacrifice, and that starts with your vote, even if it means voting on the ballot of the GOP.

As Ron Paul repeats so optimistically, "Freedom is popular." Let's keep it that way.

* Smedly Butler was the U.S. Marine Corp Major General who revealed the White House putsch plot. In looks, and in politics, he was remarkably similar to Dr. Ron Paul. General Butler at the time of his death was the most highly decorated veteren in American history. Dr. Ron Paul was also in the military, serving as a flight surgeon for the U.S. Air Force in South Korea, Iran, Ethiopia and Turkey.

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