Friday, November 07, 2008

Prop 8: Who voted how? (a.k.a. know thy enemies and thy friends)

Here are the signifiant numbers from the exit polls on California's Proposition 8, which this past Tuesday made Gays officially second-class citizens under California's constitution.

Know your enemy...
  • 70% of African Americans voted to oppress Gays*
  • 71% of those who made their choice for president based on race voted to oppress Gays
  • 80% of those who voted for Goerge W. Bush voted to oppress Gays
  • 81% of White Evangelical/Born-again Christians voted to oppress Gays
  • 82% of Republicans voted to oppress Gays
  • 83% of Weekly churchgoers voted to oppress Gays
  • 84% of those who voted for John McCain voted to oppress Gays
  • 85% of self-described "Conservatives" voted to oppress Gays
The majority chunk of funding for Prop 8 (an estimated 70%!) was paid for the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The next time any of those Mormon missionaries show up on your door step, forget about being polite and instead loosen the gate on your neighbor's pit bull. Maybe those folks in Nauvoo had the right idea after all. (Look for the t-shirt: Nauvoo: Right idea, wrong time.)

Know your friends...
  • 71% of Hillary Clinton Democrats voted to give equal rights to Gays (2% more than Barack Obama Democrats)
  • 74% of those who oppose offshore drilling voted to give equal right to Gays
  • 79% of self-described "Liberals" voted to give equal rigths to Gays
  • 79% of White Democrats voted to give equal rights to Gays
  • 83% of those who never go to church voted to give equal rights to Gays
  • 90% of Atheists/Agnostics voted to give equal rights to Gays
Give these last three bolded items -- how can it be argued that Prop 8, indeed any legislation proscribing homosexuality or gay rights, does not constituent the anti-Constitutional "establishment of religion"? It can't, because it is.

* The betrayal of the African American community is by far the most difficult thing to swallow from Tuesday's election. The votes of this single demographic group alone cost Gays their civil rights. For half a century the Gay community has unequivocally supported equal rights for minority communities, and this is how they are paid in return? African Americans, including Barack Obama, who refused to take a position on Proposition 8, should be ashamed -- very, very ashamed.

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