Saturday, December 27, 2008

Come Home, America

The Israeli butchers are at it again. Less than three years after killing over a thousand Lebanese civilians in southern Lebanon, they are using the full might of Israel's high-tech military technology to slaughter Palestinian civilians in Gaza today -- all because a few Palestinian criminals lobbed a couple of stolen rockets into the no-man's-land between Gaza and Israel, and because a few angry teenagers threw stones at Israeli soldiers. As with Lebanon, the response is so out of proportion to the instigation as to be morally indefensible; indeed it is barbaric.

It is high time that the United States cut off all foreign and (especially) military aid to Israel, as well as to the Palestinian and Arab states. We should not have a dog in this fight. It is none of our business. Let these petulant child theocrats work it out between themselves. It is time for America to come home.

As further justification for withdrawal, it has been those with extremely close ties to Israel who have brought Wall Street to brink of financial catastrophe over the last year.  If you are not sure, go back and look at the roster of names of those individuals who have been responsible for the government agencies and corporations that created this mess. If it weren't for the billions of U.S tax dollars that are transferred to Israel annually, and Israel's professed ally status (despite its long history of spying on us), one would have to wonder if the collapse of the United States economy was really any accident. 

Likewise, it is equally hard to believe that the Arab states, and their corrupt American partners, had no inside knowledge or hand in manipulating the oil prices last summer that created record profits for themselves, while weakening the American economy right as it verged on the brink of collapse.

The U.S. shouldn't be subsidizing its own destrustuction. Let the both of these corrupt "allies," with their inflated sense of superiority and their oil, rot. The U.S., and the world, will find a way without them. If they can't learn to get along, then let them bomb each other back to the stone age so that the rest of us can get on with the future. 

It would also seem a fair trade at this point, to let money managers and the oil executives decide which passport they want to hold -- and we should be glad to pay for the airfare of the ones who will agree to migrate to whichever country they hold dearest, whether that be Israel or Dubai. In the meantime, we should keep our U.S. dollars here in the United States, by backing them with solid assets like gold, and where they can be then be used to rebuild our own failing infrastructure and economy -- and where we can be sure they won't be used to bomb innocent children just because they prey to the wrong god.

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