Friday, February 06, 2009

Who is that rising star on the Israeli flag?

Avigdor Lieberman -- and he makes Saddam Hussein look to have been downright humanitarian.  

He not only advocates total Apartheid, but wants to also strip non-Jewish Israelis of their citizenship. Why bother with with a two-state solution, when you can just kick them all out; let them to wonder the globe, stateless. However, that might not be quite enough of a final solution for Lieberman. He has also advocated a holocaust of sorts against the captive population in the Gaza camp, even going so far as to obliquely suggest the use of nuclear weapons to accomplish an ethnic cleansing. 

And this guy presumes to be an Israeli-Obama, the change candidate of our "nearest and dearest" ally. If the real Obama doesn't want to end up being compared to Chamberlain, rather than Lincoln, he better consider carefully our relationship with Israel. Least we forget, America considered Germany an ally at the start of WWII. The Bush family was even involved in underwriting Germany's war bonds. It would be unconscionable if we were to repeat the mistake of closing our eyes to horror, merely so we could make some money off of the devil.

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